About the pair

Written by Ainna on Jan. 4, 2023

Loid Forger (codename: Twilight) and Yor Briar-Forger (codename: Thorn Princess) are the male and female leads of the popular animanga series SPYxFAMILY © by Tatsuya Endo. The two are referred to by fans as TwiYor, having combined their names together.

Loid is a renowned and highly-skilled spy, while Yor is a masterfully-trained assassin. At the beginning of the series, they somehow found themselves in a fake marriage for the convenience of their respective missions while keeping their real identities a secret from each other.

As the series is still ongoing, fans are waiting to see if they will eventually fall in love and get married for real. As the will-they-won't-they romantic development is the slowest of burns, fans in the meantime remain captivated by their mutual respect for each other and their genuine devotion to their family (which includes their "daughter" Anya and their dog, Bond).


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